About this blog

I’m primarily using this space to express my thoughts and research on wellbeing, self-improvement and the far future.

Since being diagnosed with depression in 2014, I tried many tools and interventions to climb out and make sense of my experience.  I kept a diary throughout this process, recording each ‘aha!’ moment along the way. Now that I’m in very good place psychologically, I feel eager to share what I’ve learned – so that hopefully others you can avoid the mistakes I made!

Central to my writing is a naturalistic and scientific view of our species and world. We are biological robots stemming from a long experiment of natural selection. Much of what we do and care about – be it politics, art or love – is a product of our evolutionary drives. I think the world will be a much better place once we fully accept and embrace this.

As with all things. My understanding of these topics are a work in progress. If there are scientific papers I’ve missed, or core concepts that you feel I’ve obviously misunderstood. Please get in touch. I’m eager to learn and update my frameworks.

About me

I’m ethnically and culturally Swiss-Peruvian. Having lived in Peru for 10 years, I developed a sensitivity for inequality and privilege and a passion for travelling and photography.

I studied philosophy and political science in the UK, and later cognitive neuroscience at a Masters level. I embarked on a PhD in psychology looking at the link between empathy and power hierarchies in humans and other mammals. However I quit the PhD to pursue my passion for transhumanism, and co-founded a company in cognitive enhancers.

I’m now working as a business consultant and coach at Sapien, specialising in helping organizations improve their productivity, interpersonal communication and decision-making processes.